Zhenjiang Multimedia Spectacular

The Story of Lady White Snake

A Live Performance Multimedia Spectacular

Set in the city of Zhenjiang, the story of Lady White Snake is about forbidden love where the demon snakes take form of beautiful ladies who seduce a naive herb farmer. When the Buddhist Monk discovers this, a great battle ensues resulting in Lady White Snakes’ entrapment in the great pagoda.

With an 1,800 seat bespoke venue, and the ancient story being contrived in the region, there was no better setting for the show, which includes the ancient pagoda in the backdrop.

An hour-long show featuring over 140 dance performers for 4 acts on an moving multi-tiered stage, the show also includes high wire battle performance art using lasers and haze machines to create mystical atmospheres for the scenes.

2 parallel 60m-fountain systems create a depth of laser canvases and water effects including an impressive wave effect that roars 30m high from left to right including a 60m central geyser.

Over 625 lights of various disciplines were installed on the mountains façades on stage left and right, along with underwater lighting and front of house. There are 6 laser system, 12 fire effect canisters and fireworks to accentuate certain parts of the show including the finale.

Waterscreen video production included elaborate costuming and wire work performances against a blue screen. 3D design from concept art brought the snakes and other effects to life on the two 25m tall X 50m wide waterscreens.

A live “over the audience rain effect” brings additional excitement to the shows’ design as it brings an immersive effect direct to the audience thus adding to the spectacular effects.

The multimedia spectacular has been well received by patrons of all ages and is currently the most elaborate running show in China.


Jia Xing Multimedia Spectacular 2010

AAV are in the process of finishing off what is probably the largest permanent outdoor multimedia spectacular in China. Situated in Jia Xing, the installation consists of 140 metre wide dancing fountain system with jets up to 100 metres tall, 2 x 50 metre wide x 25 metre tall waterscreens, 4 x 16,000 lumen digital video projectors, robotic lighting systems, 6 x DPSS laser projection systems, audio system and full systems control to precisely synchronise all effects to the shows audio and video.