Water Screens Up To 50 Metres Wide x 25 Metres High

As the centre piece of any water based show, AAV provide Water Screens up to 50 metres wide x 25 metres tall. Acting as large rear projection screens for projection of video and laser images in addition to gobo lighting effects, they provide truly stunning displays. Projected images seemingly appear from nowhere and float over water. Following years of development AAV’s water screen nozzle heads are proven to create screens of water large enough, and of suitable body, for successful projection of clear and bright video and laser graphic images.

Our huge experience has also shown us what types of images work well on water screens and this allows us to act as producers and advisors on all types of image creation. Simple material, created with waterscreens in mind, can create stunning and exciting images and sequences for any spectacular. And our partnership with G.A.M.E. AE brings our clients access to Hollywood storytellers and producers to create the content for your next show. Ask us how we can direct your message to reach a wider audience!

Water Screens